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JK Wind Compass/ Wind Vane/ Weather Vane/ Wind Finials / page 1

JK Wind Compass/ Wind Vane/ Weather Vane/ Wind Finials
Wind Cup/ Wind Vane for Lightning Rod using /Wind Spinner
        太陽能燈 Solar lights

JK-568F JK-568DP-668FS JK-668FS night view A
JK-668FS night view B JK-568DP & UNICORN F JK-668FS & 2AWV
JK-568DP JK-568DP(T) JK-168R+LED+WD

JK Wind Compass patents:
U.S. Patent No. US 7,437,924 B2   TAIWAN patent No. M307755 and I 309725(invention).

2010 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Silver Medal Award

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Jackey Wind Compass (Wind Sensor,Wind Vane,Wind Monitor):

  Science•Art•Landscape•Energy saving
More fun & joyful! Now you have a better choice besides weather vanes,windmills,windsock. No battery or motor required. 
When wind blows, the Jackey Wind Compass can turn at 360 degrees and give the direction of wind blowing. Propeller's turning speed depends on the wind speeds.
Colors painting: all metal materials must go through electrocoating process , then paint coating in red,blue,green, yellow,silver ,etc. The main body and the propeller are in different color.
We update our designs anytime when needed. If needed, we can put your company's logo and artwork on the products for promotion. 
OEM and Customer's designs are welcome.

JK-28R (Aluminum) 55x9x38CM
with Wind Direction Sign 46x46CM
 JK-28E(Aluminum) 55x9x38CM
with Wind Direction Sign 46x46CM.
JK-28S (Aluminum) 55x9x38CM
with Wind Direction Sign 46x46CM
gift box for JK-18, JK-168, JK-268,
JK-168R,-E,-S and JK-268R,-E, -S series
Wind Direction Sign(Optional Accessories)
L:72x72CM, S:46x46CM .
JK-18R+WS-S-12E Mast height: 240CM ,38/60MM
Dia. 3.5KG(under ground 38CM)+8.5KG(240CM)
for JK-18R, JK-18E, JK-18S.
JK-168,JK-268,JK-168R,-E,-S, JK-268R, -E,-S series.

Mast: Stainless steel,
Mast height: 240CM ,1 .5”(38MM)/60MM
Dia. X(120+120cm) , Weight: 8.5KG.
for JK-28R, JK-28E, JK-28S.
JK-168,JK-268,JK-168R,-E,-S, JK-268R, -E,-S series.

 (Aluminum, F.R.P. & Steel mast) 52x46x120CM+ Mast
(Aluminum, F.R.P. & Steel mast) 52x46x120CM, 8KGs
(Aluminum, F.R.P. & Steel mast)52x46x120CM, 8KGs
Mast height: 240CM ,
9.5KG(under ground 36CM)+22KG(240CM) 76/88MM Dia.
for JK-3P18R, JK-3P18E, JK-3P18S series. connector: 177MM Dia